Monday, April 23, 2012

David (Duathlon) - If I Can, You Can!

Hi there .Week three of blogging and the anticipation grows .The countdown is on now and training continues apace.

Got out on the bike four times this week and managed to squeeze in two circuit training classes on top of that. Definitely my best week in a long while and I’m starting to feel more at ease on the bike with every session.
In general I stick to the short, sharp stuff either low miles high pace or repeated hill climbing to best replicate race day and also because i don’t have the stamina reserves for the 50k+ stuff.
Usually on Sunday I’ll head off for 2-3 hours at a handy pace but find it takes more out of me than 60 - 80 minutes of high tempo stuff. Hopefully on race day I’ll only be on the bike for two stints or circa 30 minutes so I hope my strategy in training will pay off.

My persistent heel injury will keep me off road till close to race day and I will suffer over the 6.5k even though that would be no more than a warm up 6 months ago but that can’t be helped so I’ll just get on with it and hope for the best.

Fergal (brother) is still suffering from the Wicklow Adventure Race but will be in good shape come May 19th. I need him to drag me up the Vee before we go our separate ways at the top. You may think we see ourselves as a poor man’s version of the Brownlee brothers who will fight it out for gold and silver in the Olympics but, like Kilkenny and Kerry in football (or reverse for hurling), we play the same game but there ends the comparison. Generally a top 10% finish is all that’s hoped for and when we compete in the same races all that counts is who is number one of five brothers (four of whom road race).

I know the Elite category is filling up quickly and there will be hundreds out on the course but numbers are slower coming in for the Duathlon and I don’t want to find myself all alone once the quick guys are gone so if you’re a first timer looking for a challenge or a regular looking for a well organised, challenging Duathlon , this is the one for you. Estimates range from 75 minutes (ambitious) to 2.5 hours to cover the course so if you’ve been doing a bit since Christmas and want to test yourself the Duathlon is the way to go. You need no special equipment , just a bike and running shoes and plenty of enthusiasm. Hope to see you there!

Until next week, train hard, race easy agus beir bua!


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