Tuesday, April 10, 2012

David - Week 1: Duathlon Participant

Just signed up for the Waterford Adventure Race this weekend (Easter weekend) and was immediately filled with the usual apprehension and anticipation in equal measure. You see although I am not a complete novice to adventure racing, it is definitely not something I do regularly preferring to stick to road running most of the time. But after a long injury lay off forced me off the road and on to the bike,  I thought this might be a good opportunity to see if all that winter cycling  was time well spent.

I decided before entering that a course recce might be order so I loaded the family and headed up the Vee yesterday morning. It was a good move because on investigation I was convinced the Duathlon was for me. A nice run followed by a real testing cycle is all my fitness would allow at the moment. The Elite race is a serious test of metal and definitely not for the faint hearted.

My baby brother (lol) is doing the full race and though I might take him on the run but he would eat me alive on the bike so it’s for the best we won’t be competing against each other because when he sped by half way up the Vee I would be compelled to either try to hang on leading to a coronary or simply throw a stick through his spokes. 

Still with six weeks to go I am looking forward to a race and if I can get six good weeks of training in; that final (out of saddle) climb from the grotto to the finish (1.5mile) may not seem as intimidating.

Till next week. Train hard race easy  agus Beir Bua. 


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