Monday, April 30, 2012

Fergal (Elite) - Are You Up For The Challenge?

Time is growing short. 3 weeks from now we’ll be scanning the results page of the Beir Bua Waterford Adventure Race, & plotting how to do just a little bit better in 2013.

If you haven’t already signed up now's the time, there is no better motivation to get out & train than knowing there is a serious challenge penciled into your diary. With an option of a shorter adventure Duathlon, this really is a race that is accessible to just about anyone. 

When I try to talk newbies into trying this great sport for the first time, I nearly always get the same reaction - “are you mad, that stuff’s only for the super fit” or “I don’t want to be the one finishing last”. But as anyone that does take the plunge will tell you, literally all shapes, sizes and ages take part and come out the other end having surprised themselves by a) actually being fitter than they thought they were and b) having enjoyed themselves. And remember, of the 99.9% of starters that fear they may be the one that crosses the line last, only 0.01% is ever right.

Training wise, this week I clocked off a half marathon running around the fantastic tracks & trails of Lough Key Forest Park. It’s less than 15mins from work so thought it would make a nice change from being out on the road. Pace was slow, but trail running is tougher than the road, and my calf injury still didn’t feel 100%. Tuesday was an easy day with just 30 mins in the morning consisting of a few rounds on the punch bag followed by some weights & core work. 

Wednesday morning was 10x100mt swimming averaging 2.05 for each split. Wednesday evening was more interval work, this time running 5x1km. Run times were a disappointing 3.52 average. A lot slower than what I should be doing but sometimes you have days like that, no point dwelling on it, hopefully next week will show an improvement. 

Thursday was a day of rest, before hitting the pool again Friday morning for 1500mts in 35.24 which I was very happy with, considering the lack of swim training I’m doing.  Slow by most swimmers standards I know but I’ll be quite happy if I can get around the 1900mt swim of a half Ironman planned for later in the year in about 45mins. Friday evening was a tempo run on my usual tough 8km route which was done in 32.35, not my best but a good hard run nonetheless. 

No sleep-in Saturday morning I’m afraid L The 6am alarm signaled my long cycle – 90km with some nice hills throw in at a steady 3hrs 24mins. Sunday (my favourite day of the week) was spent taking it easy avoiding any lyrca, runners or speedos and eating plenty of my wife’s delicious baking. 

Until next week enjoy the training - the countdown is on in earnest.


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