Wednesday, May 16, 2012

David (Duathlon) - Enlightenment

Hello again.

Final blog before D-Day and a good week of intensive training behind me and I'm as ready now as I'm going to be. Started the weekend with a gruelling circuit training class on Thursday night that had me tired and sore Friday morning and the real training still to come .

Got on the bike for my last hill session in the afternoon and "powered" up and down my regular 3 mile climb three times before finishing with a one mile near vertical climb that involved out of saddle pushing for 75% of the way. That hurt beyond belief and gave me a whole new appreciation for those guys that fly over the Conor Pass during the Ras not to mention Alpe d'huez .

Anyway after that pain subsided, I decided that I would have to attempt some running before race day and the Pieta House Darkness into Light suicide awareness run at 4 am (yes am, not a typo) on Saturday morning offered the perfect opportunity for a former runner to get on the road and test himself - without being passed by numerous club runners along the route.So at 3 am (just enough time for the lactic acid from previous day to completely seize muscles) I rose and with a heady mix of caffeine and paracetamol I headed off for my first run in almost seven months.

I decided to be cautious and went out at 4min ks and for the first while I felt ok but inevitably at 3k the body remembered i hadn't done this for a while and cycling was no substitute . Luckily, I had a compatriot running at the same pace and I dug in to try and stay with him for as long as possible.

With a kilometre to go I thought I would have to stop but when i saw the 800 to go sign I knew I had to go on and even managed to pick up the pace and leave my pacer behind . I sprinted the last few yards to finish in twenty mins (3 mins slower than a year previous) and all in all I was quite satisfied .I know I'll get through the run now and that time will keep me mid pack at least.

After five more hours sleep I decided to get Saturday's long cycle out of the way early and headed off for a couple of hours in the afternoon. The gale force winds turned a nice leisurely cycle into another test of will but this time the body was'nt really up to it and after 25 miles I was home .

To round off the weekend, I decided a brick session was in order (run and cycle to the uninitiated and me up to a month ago) and with the sun beating down I set off on another 5k before jumping on the bike for twenty more on a hilly course to semi-replicate next weekend before collapsing into a hot bath and a well earned Sunday afternoon off .

Monday and Tuesday will involve light jogging cross country to try and protect heel followed by a swim or something light on wednesday before I call quits on prep for the Beir Bua Waterford Adventure Race 2012.

Hope to see ye at registration Friday night or Saturday morning pre race (I'll be the terrified looking one in and out of the toilets every fifteen mins)

Till then don't train hard , we've all done all we can at this stage agus ar Satharn, Beir Bua!


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