Friday, May 11, 2012

David (Duathlon) - Prepared or not, here I go!

Sorry I'm late folks but with long weekends extending until Wednesday there is little to report!

Covered over 1000 kms over the last few days , unfortunately about 970 of those were in the car and even though you feel sore and exhausted I don't think it counts as training.

Borrowed Fergal's bike on Sunday to see if there is anything to the theory that a carbon fibre bike can save you minutes (and hoping to dispel it ) and quickly came to the conclusion that there is a definite corellation between how much you spent on your bike and how fast you can go. It will never substitute hard training though and if you're unfit getting onto a e500 or a e5000 bike and heading up the Vee on Sunday week, nothing will save you.
Anyway I witnessed Fergal run 39 for the 10k on sunday (chapter and verse available on his blog) after competing in a duathlon on Saturday so for once I'm glad we are not going head to head on May 19th! I'm nowhere near his level this year yet but i have just made an appointment for some, say experimental, treatment (i prefer revolutionary) for the 23rd to try and sort out my heel problem once and for all and assuming success, I hope to be back pounding the roads before the end of June.

Obviously racing four days beforehand is not advised but I can't watch another race without taking part so I'll toe the line in Melleray in ten days time and hope to just get through the run sections and hopefully pick up a few places on the bike.

As for this weekend its circuit training tonight (Thursday) followed by bike Friday ,Saturday and combined bike and run on Sunday.

Tapering doesn't really apply as you need to have tapered up in order to taper down but all those serious racers will be putting in their last hard sessions by Sunday evening and making sure all their equipment is in order. I, on the other hand, will do a bit up till race day for confidence as much as anything and will check I have all my gear in order when I reach the registration and bike drop area as usual.

Now for one more hard weeks training and the promise of a few beers on Sunday evening week.

Till the next and final blog - Train hard, Race easy agus Beir Bua!


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